Aasha: hope for humanity and earth


Aasha mission is born from a 3-months trip in Southeast Asia, and from the idea to do something useful and meaningful of this time abroad. 
Laura, professional photographer, and Thomas, strategy manager and interviewer for Aasha Mission, visited 9 sustainable development projects led by local NGOs and social companies, and made a series of reportages out of these visits. 

These programs are working on different problematics as the lack of electricity in rural areas, or education inequalities due to poverty or gender inequalities. Combining different solutions to improve these situations, they reach then multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by the United Nations. Then, the «Affordable and clean energy» is often linked to women empowerment, referring to the «Gender equality» and also often lead to a « decent work and economic growth ».

I invite you to read more of the story of each program presented below. Not only you will read the full story, but you will find also information about the institution which created the project, and links to go further is you want to be involved with one of the projects, and/or if you work on a similar project and need contacts to help you with your own program.

Project in partnership with Signify foundation.