TAIPEI IOI, the giant bamboo

Taipei IOI,  gigantic tower built on the island of Taiwan, overlooks the capital Taipei since its inauguration in 2004. With its 101 floors and 508 meters high, it remained the tallest tower in the world for four years before to be dethroned by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2008.
In addition to be the second tallest building in the world, it is also one of the most original. Its architects, C.Y Lee & Partners, gave him the appearance of a gigantic turquoise bamboo, consisting of eight levels. A total of 101 floors (hence its name) are the place of the largest global corporate offices.

Taipei IOI is above all a place of work, but also a commercial place. The first five levels have been built for the public. While the basement houses many fast foods and restaurants, the first four floors are reserved for luxury fashion brands such as Dior, Chanel, Rolex ... and rub the largest bookstore of the city.
At the center of those floors 88, 89 and 91 have been built for visitors, where are offered art exhibitions, luxurious restaurants, a large terrace with a view of the city. At the center of these floors, we can observe the architectural feat of the tower: a huge golden ball of 680 tonnes suspended by cables. This installation has the effect of reducing the vibrations caused by earthquakes, very common on the island, and stabilizing the building.

Panoramic size was the obvious choice for me in this project, because it seemed to be the best way to represent that feeling of magnificence and dizziness that causes Taipei IOI. An excess, which tends to be forgotten in a daily space  for the people of Taipei.